The Brand


IDEA PIU is a Curvy Brand that boasts almost twenty years of experience in the fashion industry. The woman over italian size 44 choose IDEA PIU because wants to be elegant, sensual and stylish without compromising on quality and comfort. Our mission is to bring out the shapes and the beauty of curvy women because we believe it is not necessary to change your body to be fashionable. IDEA PIU offers clothing for all occasions, from everyday to more elegant evening. All garments marked IDEA PIU are entirely designed and produced in Italy and reflect the fashion style and quality proper of the made ​​in Italy products.

IDEA PIU is perfectly represented by a young, modern and dynamic lady who loves her body and her shapes and knows how to be elegant and sensual.




Adriana Paglieri, after almost twenty years of experience as top manager for a famous fashion Company decided to start her own business and so she founded her company established in Alba, in the heart of the beautiful “Langhe” area, known throughout the world for its culinary tradition and head office of the world's industrial giants such as “Ferrero Spa” (Nutella). The company found the support on loyal collaborators and hardworking employees that give it the push to start an ambitious project and implement her own business.



Market focus
The company was initially born as classic women's clothing but over the years has founded its identity with the brand “IDEA PIU”, created to respond to a steadily increasing market demand in plus-size fashion market and soon became a leader in this field.
IDEA PIU as a young, dynamic and modern woman, looking for a Brand that can enhance her body and highlight her shapes without sacrificing fit, fashion and quality.



Sales growght
The passion for the job, the relationship with the people and the continued commitment, lead the company towards a steady growth. The IDEA PIU Brand reflects the quality and beauty of the Made in Italy and over the years the company acquires more and more experience in terms of fit, fashion and trends content. The drivers of business success lie in the long-term vision of the projects, the ability to establish proactive relationship and the ability to satisfy customers.



New generation and innovation
In corporate management comes the new generation that brings innovation and a new and positive push towards the global market; The IDEA PIU distribution grows in the world market and are systematically added new markets including Germany, Belgium, Greece, Russia and the USSR. The company's strategy is to strengthen and increase the sales network and carry worldwide the Made in Italy of IDEA PIU.